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7 ways Mobile Apps are creating revenue for businesses

Posted by Pamela Lundberg on Tue, Jan 13, 2015

In the fast paced world of technology, smart phones and mobile apps are changing the way businesses connect with their consumers. Many organisations have gone through the process of developing mobile applications to make life a little bit easier for the consumer and in turn connect the consumer to the organisation and build brand awareness and relationship, but how are organisations using these mobile applications to drive revenue?

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The Top 5 BIG & BAD Security Threats to Watch Out for in 2015

Posted by Abigail Ornellas on Tue, Dec 16, 2014

At the end of each year, we look at the top security threats that companies, and individuals, should watch out for in the new coming year. This year it was the HeartBleed Bug and Ransomware; 2015 sees new threats as technology continues to advance and the BYOD and Internet of Things (IOT) changes the way businesses store and access their information. 

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Tutorial: 3 Ways Google can kickstart your 2015 Business Model    

Posted by Abigail Ornellas on Tue, Dec 09, 2014


With 2014 coming to a fast close, many companies are beginning to prepare their business strategies for the new year. Earlier this year, we discussed the 10 Things Innovative Companies Cannot Do Without. Using some of the key strategies we highlighted in this tutorial, we believe that there are 3 main ways that Google is the best platform from which to launch your 2015 business model: 

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2015 is about IoT, Smart Washing Machines and Context-Aware Technology

Posted by Abigail Ornellas on Tue, Dec 02, 2014


2015 sees a rise in the Internet of Things, 3-D printing, Context-aware technology, Analytics as the invisible guiding force, the User experience, Google, Facebook and Amazon as the “best practice” examples, Mass integration of technology, Software-defined and configurable infrastructure, and Multifaceted risk self-protection. 

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3 Ways to Get Serious About Protecting Your Email Environment

Posted by Abigail Ornellas on Tue, Nov 25, 2014


Security threats are still a reality for any business. In our opinion, Phishing, Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud are some of the greatest risks for companies today. Often companies can be exposing their data and information to security threats without realising it. Using the Mimecast Unified Email Management Platform, there are three ways that you can better protect yourself from these risks:

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Mobile Innovation: Apps Against Ebola

Posted by Abigail Ornellas on Tue, Nov 18, 2014


Last week we published a press release on the Ebola Care App, created by Journey co-founders, Philip and Malan Joubert, South African brothers from Stellenbosch. There has been a lot of hype around this app in the last few days, with many organisations, both international and local, donating funding for the purchasing and distribution of mobile phones in Ebola-affected areas in order to enable access to this app by Ebola healthcare workers, particularly those in remote areas. 

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The 21st Century Backpack: 3 Ways Google is Transforming Education

Posted by Abigail Ornellas on Tue, Nov 11, 2014

Over the last few months, Google has been on the forefront of some very exciting developments within the education sphere, creating what many are calling the ultimate 21st century backpack for education. Let’s face it, technology is filtering into every corner, be it business, innovation, or even fighting Ebola. In my mind, Google is fast on the way to transforming how education is done by marrying it almost entirely to innovative technology.

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8 Steps the Medical Industry are taking to ensure a healthy email environment

Posted by Abigail Ornellas on Tue, Nov 04, 2014

Email security and availability are essential within the medical industry. Often, medical institutions face three challenges:

  1. Medical organisations are highly regulated with complex administrative and information management regulations,
  2. Email availability needs to be immediate and easily accessible,
  3. Organisations are working with confidential patient information and so email security is critical.

Read how Mediclinic used the Mimecast unfied email management platform to better optimise their email security, accessibility and continuity here.

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4 Ways to Prepare Your Business for Digitisation

Posted by Abigail Ornellas on Tue, Oct 28, 2014

Digitisation is happening, and happening fast. Gartner, Inc (2014), recommends that businesses need to develop a Digital Business Model that is multifunctional, reconfigurable and in staged commitments in order to survive. At Grove, we believe that this is done through four steps.

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Tutorial: Native Mobile App Build vs HTML5 - 5 Pro's & Con's

Posted by Abigail Ornellas on Tue, Oct 21, 2014


There has been a lot of debate lately about whether you should build your apps using HTML5 or if you should go native. Recently, companies, such as Facebook and startup Xero, have been announcing the fact that they were moving over to native app build, after Html5 proved unsuccessful.  

Based on our mobile app development knowledge and expertise, as well as a certain amount of research into the two options, here are my 5 Pro’s and Con’s of HTML5 vs. Native Mobile App build. 

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