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Time is now a competitive market: Top 4 Smartwatches for 2014



The Man behind the Smartphone: It's not who you think.

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The Man Behind the Smartphone

It's not who you think. 

Dropbox vs. Google Drive for Work: More than just unlimited storage


“Today, more than 1,800 businesses sign up for Drive for Work each week,”
Scott Johnston, Director of product management for Google Drive
Google Enterprise Blog, August 2014

Since Google launched its brand new Drive for Work, adoption has been been happening at a rapid pace, mainly because of the hard-to-ignore offer of unlimited storage for only US$10 per user per month. But is this all that Drive for Work has to pledge as it’s competitive edge? How does it really measure up with the ever-faithful Dropbox? A while back, we put together a blog comparing Dropbox and Google Drive, coming to the conclusion that:

5 new tech startups that are challenging the corporate giants

Innovation is on the move

One of the best ways to be inspired towards innovation within your company, is to look at other companies and new startups that are using innovative ways to challenge the corporate giants of the tech sector. Here are our top five. Find your inspiration. Know your competition.

Is there an App for that? 5 bizarre mobile apps you will probably want to download immediately.

carrr matey icon

Mobile apps are definitely becoming more and more of a large part of our daily lives. I can guarantee - think of any daily task - and you can bet, there is an app for that! But some of them are most definitely more bizarre than others. But… helpful still. Here is our list of the 5 most bizarre apps that you might not yet have heard about, but will probably want to add to your collection straight away.

Apple is playing catch-up, but does it out-do Google?

WWDC 2014

With Apple’s WWDC kick-off for 2014, there has been a lot of talk about the new features which they are bringing out, and whether these are simply ‘playing catch-up’ to already existing Cloud and App innovative moves made by Google, or if they have actually surpassed current cloud initiatives. We were just as interested to find out. Here is our comparison:

The top 5 new security startups making waves in the tech world

3 2012 02 27 InnovationSandbox 0358

Growing cloud technology and innovation brings with it new security concerns, which are being combated by a number of startups that are making waves in the world of tech security. Here is a list of the top 5 security start-ups from the last few years that we think are ones to watch, because a) they are creating quite a buzz, and b) they are solving security problems in a new and fresh way.

5 reasons to switch from paper-based proof of delivery to electronic

electronic proof of delivery

The enterprise environment is becoming more and more infused with mobile-based processes and services, as opposed to the traditional ‘paper method’. With BYOD and increased technological advancements, the way we work today is being completely revolutionised. At Grove, we believe that mobility is at the heart of innovation. Here are 5 reasons your company should switch from paper-based work to an e-POD platform:

Mobile Trends and Innovative Moves for 2014: A Mid-year Check Up

Android and iOS dominate the mobile market

At the beginning of the year, we looked at some of the biggest predictions and tech trends for 2014, with mobility being right there at the top of the list. One fact that we are certainly all becoming quickly aware of is that technology has never moved as fast as it does right now - new developments are happening every single day and it can be hard to keep up. So we thought we would check-in with a mid-year update on mobile trends for 2014.

3 way battle: Google Hangouts Vs Skype Vs Facetime


The optimum video conferencing software is highly dependent on the type of service you are looking for, be it to connect with friends and family overseas, to use for business calls and conferences or simply to communicate faster and cheaper in your day-to-day life. However, when picking a video conferencing software, you will usually choose from  the three dominant players: Microsoft’s Skype, Apple’s Facetime and Google’s Hangouts.

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